Cup & Cake GmbH
A balanced diet is having a cupcake in each hand.
A practice company of the
Vienna Business School Schönborngasse
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Introducing ourselves
The team of the Vienna Business School Schönborngasse is proud to represent the young and dynamic training company Cup & Cake GmbH.
The students of the 4CK and the two managing directors Professor Höfler and Professor Steinlechner work hard to run the daily business. The training company Cup & Cake GmbH was founded in cooperation with our partner company Cup Cakes Vienna 2017. The owner Mrs. Renate Gruber has enabled us to accurately reproduce the real environment in which she and her employees work. The training company Cup & Cake GmbH distributes Cup Cakes of various kinds. We have sweet, vegan and gluten-free cup cakes in our assortment to suit every taste. Great efforts have been made to provide us with a real working environment.

The 10 departments "Office, Human Resources, Accounting, Law & Quality Management, Digitisation & Sustainability, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, IT and the International Department have to work closely together to ensure a smooth workflow. We spend about three hours a week in the training firm where the pupils are confronted with real challenges which they have to master. Cup & Cake GmbH strives to make contact with all potential customers.
Meet our team
We work hard in order to provide the best service and
sweeten our customer's day
MMag. Petra Steinlechner
Mag. Barbara Höfler
Accounting & Controlling
Lara Berghofer
Vincent Bogenspenger
Sophie Reithner
Purchase & Storage
Florian Bednar
Hannah Benyes
Valentin Offner
Lorenz Laggner
Tessa Neuwirth
Alma Petersamer
Lennart Oder
Clemens Patschg
Johanna Rill
Human resources
Varsha Pallikunnel
Marietta Swarowski-Saiko
Sebastian Zacherl
Hannah Zembacher
Christoph Auer-Welsbach
Michael Tappauf
Iris Prihoda
Luis Prohaska
Gabriel Stangl
Ada Dibon
Lukas Kunz
Maximilian Kühr
Maximilian Schmidt-Gentner
Yanick Willert
Ferdinand Mayer
Reinhold Raich
✆ 01/4064514-7361
Practice company - Cup & Cake GmbH
Schönborngasse 3-5
A – 1080 Wien

ACT-FN Nr. 851
Place of jurisdiction: ACT-Wien
UID-Nr.: ATU50085189
Int. company code: at010000851
VAT ID: ATU50085189
Established: 09/01/2016

The Cup & Cake GmbH is practice company of the Vienna Business School Schönborngasse

Contact: Mag. Barbara Höfler, MMag. Petra Steinlechner

Practice company of the VBS Schönborngasse – Cup & Cake GmbH

Link to school: VBS Schönborngasse

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